Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 14:17


In November households consumed 104.251.690 kWh – 17.6% higher than in October, or 1.2% less relative to the consumption of November 2016. 

An average November electricity bill for households in Montenegro (if excluding non-read metering points in facilities that are not permanently inhabited) amounts to 34 Euros. Households in Žabljak consumed the lowest electricity volume of €17.92 and the highest consumption in November was registered in Podgorica – households consumed an average of €42.05. The bill worth more than €150 will be received by only 1.06% customers, and 2.56% customers registered consumption worth €100-€150.

November bills reduced by the amount of discount granted to regular payers will be received even by 52.6% of customers in Montenegro, or 179.253 customers.

The fifth cycle of SHARE THE BURDEN campaign is ongoing. All households, having debt on grounds of consumed electricity, may join the campaign. The only precondition the households have to fulfil is to have the last three invoices paid. Through participation in this campaign i.e. during contract validity, the households will settle their debts in fixed monthly installments of €20, without down payment while calculation of default interest shall be cancelled while the Contract is in force. This campaign will last up until the end of December.  

Furthermore, all households, without debt for consumed electricity as at January 31st, 2018, shall become new members of the Golden team. Fulfilment of this condition implies that all members of the Golden team shall, by default, be registered in the database as participants in prize game organized by EPCG.

Customers may obtain more information by calling the free-of –charge number 19100, at EPCG counters, on web page www.epcg.com or Facebook page.