Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - 13:16




“All clubs of Men's Premier League and Women's Premier and Second league will be paid the professionals’ fees for the games during the league competition which will significantly unburden the clubs' budgets“; Mr Pajković emphasised.

The General Sponsorship Agreement between Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD Nikšić (EPCG) and the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG – Odbojkaški savez Crne Gore) was signed on Wednesday, 16th of March 2022, thus the level of cooperation established during the past year has been raised further. The chief executive officer of EPCG, Nikola Rovčanin, and the OSCG’s chairman, Cvetko Pajković, signed the agreement during a ceremony organised in Podgorica-located hotel VOCO. 

OSCG’s Chairman Cvetko Pajković thanked EPCG.

“During these quite challenging times, not only for Montenegro but almost worldwide, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore has decided to help the volleyball in our country and become the general sponsor of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro. This is why we feel immense pleasure and honour, since this is the pinnacle of cooperation we have established with Elektroprivreda for quite some time now and since this is one of our country’s biggest companies, a leader in terms of social responsibility. I believe that the reason for this cooperation lies in our results, our actions and the number of athletes we gather. Volleyball falls amongst world’s most popular sports and our national men’s team has been part of the Europe’s elite twice in a row as well as participated in the continental championship. Volleyball attracts the highest number of female athletes in our country and this year, through a specific development project targeting the northern municipalities, we intend to attract the same number of male volleyball players. The help of such an important partner is nothing short of priceless for achieving all of the above goals. The most important point is that the sports clubs will benefit the most from this assistance. It is designated primarily for them. This sponsorship will be used for payment of professionals’ fees for the league matches for all the clubs of Men’s Premier League, and Female’s Premier and Second League, which will significantly unburden the clubs’ budgets, Mr Pajković pointed out.

“As one of the most popular and most widespread sports across the globe, volleyball has a long-lasting and enviable tradition in Montenegro, which gifted the global top-tier of this sport with a large number of players and coaches, a number that considerably exceeds the proportion of our country’s participation in the global population. Mindful of these facts, we, as a company that operates responsibly in a society where it generates profits, believe that the general sponsorship agreement is an appropriate way to help development of volleyball but also of the awareness that sports and healthy lifestyles are the best methods for preserving the health of Montenegro’s citizens, especially the youngest ones who are the future of our country. I would like to use this opportunity to wish luck to all volleyball teams of Montenegro (men’s and women’s, U22, U21, U20, U19) during the upcoming qualifications for competing in the European Championship, Mr Rovčanin said.

The cooperation between OSCG and EPCG comes in a year when both men’s and women’s national teams participate in qualifications for the European Championship. The national men’s team is competing for the third consecutive participation in Europe’s greatest competition, while the women’s team will try to win the first ever presentation in such a big competition. Our junior as well as U21 and U22 teams, male and female, will participate in qualifications for the European Championship and this year will also be marked by the preparations for organisation of the European Cadet Championship (U17) which will be hosted by Montenegro in 2023.


Furthermore, the ongoing national competitions are entering the final stage and, according to so-far achieved results, it seems that this season will be the most exciting one ever. Needless to say that local competition groom future champions and pillars of our national team for the ensuing times.