Monday, April 2, 2012 - 12:00

They want to see, they want to know

During the past few days, 15 high school students from Plav visited Nikšić within the project “I want to see, I want to know” implemented by NGO “Alfa centar”. According to Sara Vahtel, coordinator of the youth program in NGO “Alfa centar”, the main goal of the project is to bring together high school students from six municipalities in Montenegro so that they could be informed about their and other towns, customs, culture and tradition, as well as about social and political trends in order to get a clearer picture of themselves and their role in the community life. The students from Plav were accommodated in the homes of their fellow peers from Nikšić, they visited numerous cultural, historical, economic and sports institutions and had the opportunity to learn about the role and work of the local administration, HPP “Perućica”, Secondary school of economics, having also a plenty of time for entertainment.

High school student, Emir Deljanin says that it is a great pleasure to be a guest in Nikšić.

They really are the best. Everything we experienced during these two days deserves only words of praise. When I return to Plav, I will have a lot to talk about with my family and friends. I am looking forward to being visited by my new friend Nemanja and by other friends from Nikšić. – Deljanin said.

Students from Plav had the opportunity to attend a lecture held by the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Montenegro, Mr. Aleksandar Vasilevski, on the occasion of which the most attention was given to issues regarding the Republic of Macedonia and relations between these two countries.

Recognizing the quality of these activities, Elektroprivreda decided to support the project. Eleonora Albijanić says that EPCG employs people from all parts of Montenegro whose hard work and efforts bring progress both to Elektroprivreda and municipalities in which they live.

It is a pleasure to host such young people who are smart, enthusiastic and eager to learn and to share some great moments with them – Eleonora pointed out.