Friday, September 21, 2018 - 13:58

Slovenian engineers visited HPP Piva

A group of twenty Slovenian engineers, employed with ‘Elektroinstitut Milan Vidmar’ in Ljubljana, visited our impressive power facility, the HPP Piva, on September 21, 2018. 

Our engineers Dragan Mitrović, Željko Jovović and Milan Anđelić welcomed Slovenian visitors and introduced them with the basic characteristics and principles of HPP’s operation.  

The representative and head of the Group, Mr Simon Podkoritnik, was delighted by both the visit and the facility.

‘Impressions are outstanding. This structure, we see at this very spot is a revelation to us, and I may freely say a real miracle and I also think every man, likely to visit Montenegro, should pay a visit to this unbelievable place’, said Simon

Engineers work in different sectors of Elektroinstitut - sector for power plants and high voltage, environmental protection, studying…

Matjaž Peternel says the power plant is so impressive that it leaves you breathless.

 “I always find particularly interesting visits to a facility that I do not get to see that often, and Piva is such a facility. The characteristics of the facility, the plant dug into the mounting are so captivating that this visit will be well remembered. What fascinates me in particular is the height of the dam and it makes one of the reasons why we chose this visit”, Matjež Peternel points out.

The company they work in is tied to operation of power plants around Slovenia, it is engaged in a variety of studies, overhauls, supervisions during construction of new or reconstruction of the existing power plants, etc. …