Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 09:15

FOTO: Students from Switzerland have visited HPP "Perućica"

Senior students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETH) from Zurich visited on Wednesday, September 23rs, production facilities of our oldest large hydropower plant. Visit of about thirty students to HPP "Perucica" was organized as part of a expert tour of energy facilities during their excursion.


Engineers Ana Grbović and Grujica Gezović explained everything about basic data, mode of operation and functioning of HPP "Perucica" to the students. They showed great interest, especially on the work process and the management of plant and engineers Grbović and Gezović answered in detail on their questions. Students from Zurich were satisfied with the visit to one such hydro-energy facility and said that they will recommend the tour to "Perucica" to other groups from your faculty who plan excursions in the Balkans.