Monday, October 21, 2019 - 16:43


The Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja celebrates 37 years of successful business operation and activities. The upcoming year will be marked by the beginning of the environmental reconstruction of Unit I alongside reclamation of the present ash and slag landfill. Over €60 million will be invested in the two connected projects, whose implementation is to enable continued valorisation of the Pljevlja located thermal-energy complex.

Implementation of the above projects completed, the thermal power plant will generate electricity in line with the highest European standards and with zero environmental risks. Additionally, a heating source will be set up for district heating and an additional sum of approximately €3 million will be donated for development of the primary heating pipeline.

Let us remind that three bids were submitted to the tender for performance of works tied to environmental reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja – Unit I. The Project on environmental reconstruction of the existing TPP Pljevlja – Unit I should be completed until 2021 and it shall enable continued operation of the thermal complex in Pljevlja (TEP-RUP) for the period of the upcoming 20 to 30 years. Reconstruction will provide adherence to obligations and compliance with the strictest environmental parameters foreseen under the latest EU Decision no. 2017/1442 enacted in 2017. Together with cca €20 million worth reclamation of the Maljevac landfill, this project understands construction of the desulphurisation system, denitrification system, improvement of operation of the electrostatic precipitator as well as development of the waste water treatment system. A heating source for the district heating of Pljevlja will be ensured concurrently with the environmental reconstruction – within 12 months following signing of the contract.

With the environmental reconstruction, all emissions and products resulting from coal combustion and chemical processes accompanying electricity generation will be reduced below the allowable limits, all in line with the legal regulations of our country and European directives on emissions from coal-fired thermal plants.

The Pljevlja based thermal complex (Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja and the Coal Mine) is one of the key segments of Montenegro’s energy system and is pivotal for its stability. Reliable operation of this plant is largely contributed by employees’ reliable and devoted work.

In the first nine months of 2019, the Thermal Power Plant generated 1.004.039 MWh thus exceeding the relevant plan by 5.69%, while purchase of the Coal Mine brought about the desired synergy effect.

On the occasion of the Day of the Thermal Power Plant, EPCG’s Blood Donor Club organised the traditional voluntary blood donating.