Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 15:09


In line with its long-term objectives, sustainability strategy and bilateral cooperation with the European Union aimed at reduced CO2 emission, Еlektroprivreda Crne Gore has launched the projects related to replacement and reduction of use of harmful energy sources.  As one of the projects for use of green energy (renewable sources) without harmful effects, EPCG intends to initiate and offer to the citizens of Montenegro the possibility to generate own energy by installation of solar panels on the residential buildings. For that purpose, the Committee for investments in energy sector passed the decision on implementation of the project Solari 3000+.

'Montenegro possesses exquisite solar potential, even one of the highest in a whole South-East Europe. Podgorica, for example, has more than 2.000 hours of sunshine annually, while the number of sunshine hours in Montenegro is between 1300 and 2000. For comparison, number of sunshine hours in Germany is 1000-1200 and solar power plants of 50 GWh have already been constructed there. By this project, the citizens of Montenegro will become aware of the real possibilities regarding energy and financial savings, making common efforts towards reduced emission of carbon-dioxide. Implementation of the solar energy projects will significantly contribute to the environmental protection.  Upon implementation of this project concerning households, the project for installation of solar panels on barren land in rural areas and water surfaces has been planned', Milutin Đukanović, Chairman of EPCG Board of Directors said. 

The Project, which is to be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, implies installation of solar panels on 3000 residential buildings which are adequate for sun energy valorization. By this project, electricity generation will be oriented towards renewable sources and citizens will be enabled to generate renewable energy on their own, without carbon-dioxide emission and under favorable conditions.

'The households would thus be able to generate electricity for their own needs and potentially to sell the generated electricity to Elektropriveda Crne Gore. It means that, apart from repayment of loans for solar panels they won't have electricity costs because they will produce electricity and an instalment won't exceed their average electricity bill. Hence after the citizens repay their equipment over a 5 to 7 years repayment period they will get electricity for free', highlighted Đukanović.  

Activities on preparation of the Invitation to Tender for Project financing and equipment procurement is underway while the Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design proving justifiability have already been prepared. Thereafter citizens i.e. household customers can expect announcement of the Invitation to Tender whereby they would be invited to apply to the Project, while at the same time over 400 employees will have an opportunity to compete for solar panels installation through a competition. Maximum value of this Project amounts over 30 M€.

EPCG has, also, been actively engaged in a project that implies marking of barren land where it would be possible to install solar panels while the project on floating solar plant at Slano Lake is under preparation. 

The Committee for investments into the energy sector consisting of representatives of EPCG, the Ministry of ecology, spatial planning and urban development, the Municipality of Nikšić, the Ministry of capital investments, the Ministry of Finance, CEDIS, Real Estate Administration, ECO-Fund and CGES, presided by Milutin Đukanović chairman of EPCG's BoD, will be in charge for Solar 3000+ Project implementation.

Activities done so far on implementation of investment projects regarding generation from renewable energy sources were supported at yesterday’s sessions of both EPCG's BoD and Committee for investments in energy sector.