Friday, December 22, 2017 - 15:52


On November 1 Elektroprivreda Crne Gore has for the fifth time launched the campaign SHARE THE BURDEN, in order to make it possible for household customers to repay their electricity-related debt as simple as possible.  

8,180 agreements on debt settlement have been signed during November and 20 days of December under the campaign SHARE THE BURDEN, out which 6,999 signed agreements relates to customers that continued to settle their obligations based on agreements previously signed under the campaign SHARE THE BURDEN, and 1,181 customers joined the campaign and signed the agreement under the campaign Share the Burden 5.

The campaign SHARE THE BURDEN 5 lasts until December 31, and it can be joined by all household customers that owe electricity-related debt, irrespective of the amount thereof, as well as by customers whose existing agreement, signed under the campaign Share the Burden 3, expires. In order to join the campaign one must have three last electricity bills paid as well as the November bill. Household customers will repay their electricity-related debt, irrespective of the amount thereof, in 22 fixed monthly instalments of €20 each (for the debt amount exceeding €440. As far as the debt not exceeding €440 is concerned, the number of instalments will be defined by dividing the debt amount by €20.

The default interest will not be calculated from the moment of the agreement signature as well as while regularly settling obligations hereunder. In order for the debt settlement agreement to remain into force, the €20 instalment and the ongoing bill have to be paid regularly every month.

The campaign can also be joined by customers whose electricity supply has been suspended, as well as by households who want to reschedule their already signed debt settlement agreements. We point out that, in addition to this agreement, customers will also be required to sign the Supply Agreement unless they already have done so. 

More information may be obtained by calling toll-free number 19100, at counter desks, via web portal www.epcg.com or Facebook page.