Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 14:24


In November of 2018 households consumed 97.779.134 kWh, which is 13.4% higher than in October, i.e. 6% less relative to November 2017 consumption.

The average November electricity bill for households, at the level of Montenegro, amounts to €31,70 (excluding non-read metering points in facilities that are not permanently inhabited). Households in Žabljak have recorded the lowest average consumption of €17.50, and the highest consumption in the preceding month has been registered in Podgorica – households have consumed €38,62 on average. The bill worth more than €150 will be received by 0.77% of customers, and consumption worth €100 - €150 has been read at 1.96% of customers.

November bills reduced by the amount of discount for regular payers will be received even by 55.2% of households in Montenegro, or 192.684 customers.

Let us mention that all the households which owe electricity-related debt can join the campaign until December 31st, irrespective of the debt amount, as well as all the households whose existing agreements, which were signed under the campaign Share the Burden 4 two years ago, expire. The only condition for signing of the debt-settlement agreement is to have the last three bills paid. There is no any participation while signing the Agreement, and the existing amount of debt owed by households can be repaid in the following manner:

•             In case the amount of debt is less than €440, it is divided by €20, thus obtaining the number of instalments

•             In case the amount of debt is higher than €440, it is repaid in 22 monthly instalments in the fixed amount of €20

Further calculation of a default interest has been stopped from the moment of signing the debt-settlement agreement. In order for the agreement to remain into effect, the ongoing electricity bill should be paid regularly on a monthly basis. The campaign can also be joined by households which are disconnected from the distribution network, as well as by households which want to reschedule their already signed debt-settlement protocols.

We would like to mention that, in addition to this agreement, households will also be required to sign the supply agreement, in case they have not already done so, as well as to implement special procedures for households that have not registered meters in their own name, in terms of the obligation to own authorizations or accept the obligation to initiate in the future the procedure on change of the customer’s name.  

The additional information about details on how to join the campaign can be obtained by calling the toll-free number 19100, at the counters of departments of local supply units, on web portal www.epcg.com, as well as on EPCG Facebook page.