Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 15:33


Pursuant to the Energy Law and the General Conditions for Electricity Supply, EPCG, in its capacity of the supplier of end customers, defined and published on its web page the Decision on setting electricity prices for customers connected to the electric power system, which will come into force on March 1, 2019.

In order to improve and adjust its service to customers’ needs, EPCG has, for the first time, entitled its customers to select one of the offered tariff models of supply what will stimulate energy efficiency and have a positive impact on customers’ budget. Therefore, the customers are entitled to sign a contract and select a tariff model depending on the manner of consumption and package benefits. Tariff models are given in the tables below:  

Households and small non-household customers:

Other customers:

The blue model implies division of tariff elements into high and low tariff during the day, depending on the amount of consumption. Thus, if compared to the previous period, the electricity price for all customers that have chosen the blue model of supply will be by 2% cheaper for the first 150kWh consumed in both HT and LT. According to EPCG records there are currently more than 60% of metering points consuming less than 300kWh monthly. In case the consumption exceeds planned limitations, each additional kWh will be paid at a higher price.       

The red model implies the same tariff during 24h of each day of the week regardless of the amount of electricity consumption. This model’s tariff is lower if compared to the Basic model in case of excessive consumption of electricity in HT during a day (07-23h) i.e. if a customer consumes minimum of LT electricity.

The green model implies electricity price referred to in the Basic model increased by 0.2 c€ per kWh securing at the same time delivery of the entire electricity volume generated from RES i.e. green energy. EU and regional practice has shown that responsible people and corporate responsible companies mainly choose this package. 

The price of electricity in Montenegro currently amounts to 60% of the market price and the new price per certain tariffs has been increased by 6% on average, in compliance with legal regulation and envisaged price limitations. If customers fail to select any of the offered tariff models, electricity consumption will be automatically calculated based on Basic tariff model. Given that the electricity item stands for approximately 45% of billing this means that the total bill issued under the Basic model will be increased only by 2.7%.  

2019 household tariffs are the same as those in 2009 and they account for 50% of the European average, while commercial prices equal to half the price of 2009. Electricity prices in Montenegro depend exclusively on electricity price freely established by the supplier, following legally defined limitations directly related to electricity price at the relevant Exchange (HUPX).

EPCG will continue to incentivize around 200 K of households, Golden Team members, by granting 13% discount for active energy as well as to subsidize vulnerable customers and customers identified in line with the criteria of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.  

Customers may choose a tariff package once in a calendar year, while by introducing those models EPCG will put its efforts to balance between high market prices and socio-economic ambience, thus enabling its customers to opt for more rational electricity consumption.