Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 12:20


EPCG has started with implementation of the Project “Energy efficient refurbishment of EPCG Head office” thus providing a positive example of a company that applies modern energy efficiency standards and promoting trends of decreasing energy use from conventional sources.

The Project Phase I implies construction of a solar plant on the roof-top and at the parking of EPCG Head office in Nikšić. The intention is to secure an energy portion for covering the facility’s consumption needs, which portion would be sufficient to cover approximately 40% of an annual power demand, during the first year of use, according to results of potential electricity generation output. Installation of more than 1000 solar panels followed by application of other energy efficiency measures, envisaged by the Project “Energy efficient refurbishment of EPCG Head office”, would lead in EPCG Head office becoming an energy neutral facility.  

Energy part of the Project encompasses also the thermal insulation of outer walls, façade locksmith replacement, thermal and hydro-insulation of the roof, installation of a modern heating and air-conditioning system as well as replacement of the existing lighting by LED lights.

Implementation of the above mentioned will significantly decrease energy demand in the Head office, while electricity generation from solar plant on the roof-top and at the parking of EPCG Head office will cover up to 97% of total energy demand. Furthermore, the Plan envisages construction of four chargers for E-vehicle at the parking which would be the next step in modernization of EPCG vehicle fleet. 

Besides financial benefits, the Improvement of the facility’s features and positive effects of Energy efficient refurbishment of 60-years old EPCG Head office, will also result in CO2 emission reduction by 1288 t/year.