Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 15:02


Elektropriveda Crne Gore signed the Contract on implementation of the Project for Ecological Reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja – Unit I with the selected contractor – Consortium DEC INTERNATIONAL – BEMAX –BBSOLAR – PERMONTE.

Implementation of this project combined with adherence to the strictest emission limits will turn Montenegro into the first country in the region to have carried out a complete technical and ecological remediation of a nearly forty years old facility. Development of the Main Design and the ecological reconstruction will be performed in line with the Preliminary Design and with full compliance with the environmental impact assessment made by the renowned German company Steag Energy Services Gmbh.


The project valued at above €54 million will be predominantly financed by EPCG from its own resources and, as planned, the ecological reconstruction will take place between 2020 and 2023. EPCG CEO Igor Noveljić said that, upon completion of the project, the operating lifetime of the thermal power plant will be extended by 30 years.


The key point is that, once the project is completed, the environmental impact of the thermal power plant will be reduced to the minimum in conformance with the strictest environmental standards of the EU. The extension of the operating lifetime of the plant means a steady employment for 1200 employees that are currently working in the thermal power plant and in the mine, but also a steady business for a number of other companies engaged in the reproduction system and their employees. The operation of the thermal energy complex in Pljevlja is decisive for economic and social development not only of EPCG, but of the northern region and of the entire country”, Noveljić said.


Ecological reconstruction implies construction of a DeNOx system, DeSOx system, waste water treatment system, reconstruction of inner ash and slug transport system, reconstruction of an auxiliary boiler room etc. Ecological reconstruction will provide a heating source for the town while EPCG is about to donate 2M€ to Pljevlja for the primary heating pipe system purpose, resolving thereby ecological issues in Pljevlja.   


The Chinese Company Dongfang elektrik, the Consortium leader, delivers over 30 thousand MW of equipment annually, covering by their projects more than 80 countries. Ji Hongchun, a TPP ecological reconstruction Project director, pointed out that their Company was the biggest electric equipment producer and a leading contractor in energy related projects.   


We, together with our teams, are going to offer you the best solution, quality and service. We believe that we will have a modern and ecologically acceptable plant in Pljevlja.   We believe we will secure cleaner air and water, more job opportunities as well as that we will provide those people a more comfortable living”, said Hongchun

In her address, Dragica Sekulić, the Minister of Economy, has outlined the following: ‘Ecological reconstruction project is a multiannual project aimed at ensuring full compliance of emissions of particulate pollutants from power plants with EU regulations. However, it is particularly important to highlight that the analyses implemented over development of a preliminary design confirmed good condition of the existing equipment, which totally justifies this investment which will make it possible to continue usual operation of the thermal energy complex as well as ensure much more satisfying ecological parameters. This project represents an additional indicator of Montenegro Government’s determination to invest into the north of our country, as well as to ensure an additional safety for citizens of the Municipality of Pljevlja. The district heating system of the town is an extremely important segment which largely affects ecological situation in the Municipality of Pljevlja. In this way, Elektroprivreda will also prove that it is a healthy and sustainable company with a future”.


Through purchase of the Coal Mine, ecological reconstruction of the Unit I and reclamation of the landfill ‘Maljevac’, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore carries out all the activities planned to be implemented in Pljevlja.