Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 11:11


The drawing of winners of the prize contest GOLDEN TEAM - CATCH THE RHYTHM 2 has been organized today in the headquarters of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore in Nikšić, in compliance with the approved prize contest regulations. The prize contest GOLDEN TEAM - CATCH THE RHYTHM started on June 15 and it lasted until June 30. The prize contest has been organized for members of the GOLDEN TEAM, i.e. for all households whose debt based on electricity consumption amounted to €0 as of January 31, thus becoming members of the Golden Team, and that have retained such status until June 30 through regular settlement of electricity consumption-related liabilities.

There were 138.586 household customers in the database designed for drawing of the winners, i.e. members of the Golden Team. The prize fund includes the car CITROEN C-ELYSEE, 1.5 hDi, 100 ks, 4 doors and the reduction worth €50 to be granted to 150 electricity bills. The reduction worth €50 was granted to 110 electricity bills which were drawn from the database consisting of all members of the Golden Team - 138.586 of them, and 40 reductions were drawn from the database consisting of members of the Golden Team which use the Electronic Bill service - 12.223 of them.

The drawing was monitored by the committee consisting of the following members: Milan Perović, the chairman (FU Supply), Jelena Ćeranić, the member (IT Directorate) and Mitar Vučković, the member (Directorate for Human Resources and Corporate Communication).

CITROEN C-ELYSEE was won by the household from Mojkovac, having the meter point reference no. 14124311. €50 reduction granted to 150 electricity bills was won by households from different Montenegrin towns. The mentioned €50 reduction will be automatically calculated in the next July electricity bill.

The system of winner drawing was organized by the method of electronic random selection of the customer’s meter point reference number.

The list of winners can be seen; also, on July 18th the announcement will be published in all print media and it will contain meter point reference numbers of the winners as well as the information about the town in which the winner has been located. The public may also be informed about the winners on our Facebook page that broadcasted the drawing live.