Code of Ethics

Universal ethics principles can be applied in the business world. Business ethics is the application of generally accepted ethical principles in the business of individuals and companies.

Just as ethics ensures better functioning of human communities, so business ethics ensures better functioning of employees in the organization. Also, business ethics ensures a good image to the company. In increasingly complicated market conditions today, this company is considered to be a successful company that does not detract from profitability from ethics, but harmonizes them with ethical codes and socially responsible business.

The Montenegrin Electric Enterprise AD Niksic, on the reputation of all successful companies, has a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics serves as a framework in which it should move and thus formally facilitates business.

You can look at our Code of Ethics HERE, and the document will open even if you click on the cover page:


Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Committee of the Montenegrin Electric Enterprise AD Niksic is available on the following LINK