Friday, June 30, 2017 - 15:39

This year EPCG again supports Lake Fest

A traditional Nikšić festival, Lake Fest, continues its seven-year long tradition, given that it is going to host musical bands from regional and world-wide scene at the area in the near vicinity of Krupac Lake, i.e. HPP Perućica reservoir, in the period 11-13 August.

Being aware that Lake Fest became a brand of Nikšić and thereby one of the most important musical events in our State, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG), as a devoted festival fellow, apart from financial support granted also the area around Krupac Lake.

- We are quite sure that positive and good energy will overflow Krupac Lake. It has been a great pleasure to continue our cooperation in the spirit of goodwill – said Mrs Eleonora Albijanić the representative of EPCG.

The festival organizer, Mr Predrag Zečević, said the visitors would enjoy the creativity of the most prominent bends from EX-YU area. 

- On the first night the visitors will be welcomed by bands Hladno pivo and Zabranjeno pušenje, which, I am quite sure, will launch this year’s  Lake fest in the most appropriate manner – said Mr Zečević.

As announced by the organizer, the festival shall be supplemented by vibe of French bend Talisco as well as the advent of the last-year’s performer DJ Kiril Đajkovski and bands Mortal Combat, Neverne Bebe, and many others. During the festival, the guests will enjoy music performances of national Montenegrin bends: Mikrokozma, Freedom, Parampaščad and Gomila nesklada.

Vice-President of the Municipality of Nikšić, Mrs Sonja Nikčević, announced that this summer’s event should be enriched by promotional materials which would make the visitors’ stay better thereby extending the lifetime of the festival. 

- We want to be the perfect hosts and show that apart from being recognized by beer and steel Nikšić is also recognized by quality music and intact nature preserving the area of Krupac Lake– said Mrs Nikčević.

As the festival organizer highlights, the Lake has been recognized by its ecology activities, and thereby the Rock and Recycle campaign shall also be implemented in this year.  

- Krupac poplar trees make a binding environment. Our obligation is to reciprocate the nature and send the message that nature should have continuously been taken care of – highlighted Mr Zečević.

Davor Sučić the frontmen of the bend Zabranjeno pušenje, expressed happiness to be a part of both the music story built by devoted audience, musicians, organizers and Krupac Lake natural beauty.

- Conserving the natural ambience of the festival stands as the great initiative. Thereby, being aware that giving is much better than taking, we will grant a portion of the profit to ecology projects in Montenegro – said Sučić. 

Natural Tourism Organization (NTO) also provided support to the event, given that in their opinion the festival is of the great importance for Montenegro.

- Lake Fest strengthens the Montenegrin tourism image and we are sure it will affirm the region in a quality manner and justify the epithet of having a nice time – said Mrs Nina Vukčević on behalf of the NTO.