Three per cent of total annual electricity consumption in households accounts for lighting, which equals the annual consumption of a refrigerator.

Turn off the light in secondary rooms. In fact, turning off unnecessary lights represents the cheapest measure from the financial standpoint, since it does not require any initial investments. It has been already said that individual awareness is crucial for proper implementation of energy efficiency. Hence, it is necessary to switch light bulbs off when they are not needed.

Use light bulbs of different capacities (W) for different needs. Choosing light bulbs according to the requirements of a room can significantly contribute to reduction of consumption. It often happens that there are light bulbs of high capacity in the rooms where we do not spend much time. 

Use one light bulb of higher capacity instead of more bulbs of lower capacity since cluster of light bulbs uses 50% more electricity.

Use economic light bulbs – energy saving light bulbs (mini fluorescent, luminescent), since they consume 3 to 4 times less electricity and they last 15 times longer. Replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs can reduce consumption several times. In considering possibility of introducing energy saving light bulbs the biggest problem is initial price of energy saving light bulb which is higher than the price of ordinary light bulb. Price of energy saving light bulb of well-known manufacturers is 7 € while the price of ordinary light bulb is less than 1 €. But it is often forgotten that energy saving light bulbs consume four to five times less electricity for the same power and their operating life is ten times longer. These are light bulbs promoted and distributed by EPCG during the campaign ‘Positive energy’.  They should not be thrown away in nature because they contain mercury. Energy saving light bulb disposed in nature can contaminate up to 1000 litres of drinking water with mercury.

As for the outdoor lighting, you should use photocells that are switched on only when someone appears in the vicinity – the price one pays for them will be repaid in a month. It is not necessary for light bulb to be switched on if one left the room and installation of this kind of electrical systems can reduce operation time of light bulb and respective costs several times.

Better exploitation of natural light provides you double benefit. The natural light is the healthiest for our eyes regardless of the type of artificial light that is used and, at the same time, electricity consumption is reduced by higher exploitation of the natural light.