Workshops on the electricity efficiency

Energy created the planet Earth many hundreds years ago. It started life, nature. Today it moves people and machines they invented, and it became a necessary part of every day lives. It is also a precondition for economic and social development.

In order to use energy more efficiently we need to have a certain basic knowledge about energy and energy requirements as well as consequences of its use.

Governed with a saying "Youth are future of the World", management of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore came up with an idea to help to increase people’s awareness of importance of energy and electricity as one of vital products of any society. This idea was realised through establishment of Energy Efficiency module. The module was created so that it suits pupils of a nine year long primary school, those between fifth and ninth grade, with the objective to bring their knowledge to a practical and adequate level.

During lectures, pupils were familiarised with terms such as: energy, renewable and non-renewable sources, with elements pertaining to electricity generation, distribution, transmission and consumption. A special accent was put on rational use of electricity and on dangers in relation to its use. All terms and definitions ware made adequate for the age of pupils.

On that basis a program was made which is completely compliant with publicly accepted and valid education program and completely builds on it. It is very important to mention that we took care to respect a principle of wholeness. In other words, our intention was not to give theory and to focus on quite specific technical subjects, but we tried to handle the subject matter in a way that it correlates with other subjects pupils have in school and to build on their previously acquired knowledge.

The Project is in inception phase of implementation. In the second term  of school year 2006/2007 the module was realised in 42 classes, 10 primary schools in Nikšicu and in Podgorica. Lecture was attended by 1105 pupils. Educational program is implemented in VI grade of primary school, during two school hours per one class. On a first day communication is established with pupils through a monologye, dialogue methods, illustrations, while during the second hour, after repeating already acquired terms and definitions, the pupils showed on a paper, by a drawing or collage, what they learned.

First reactions we had from pupils are positive. It should be particularly emphasized that the children discussed with understanding about rational use of electricity. We hope that from the next 2007/2008 school year we would have a more extensive demonstration segment. A picture book is being prepared, containing more detailed contents of a lecture, which will be given to pupils. Pictures to be used in picture book are drawings of pupils who already participated in a Workshop.