Thermal power plant "Pljevlja"

TPP "Pljevlja" began operations in 1982 - the first synchronization on a network was performed on 21 October 1982.

TPP "Pljevlja" is the first Montenegrin condensation power plant designed with two blocks of 210 MW. The accumulation of water as well as all auxiliary, technical and managerial and administrative facilities (except for de-carbonization and recirculation cooling system) was made for two blocks. However, only one block was built.

Thermal power plants is burning Pljevlja’s coal of guaranteed calorific value of 9211 kJ / kg (2200 kcal / kg).

Power plant is located on the fourth kilometer of Pljevlja - Djurdjevica Tara – Zabljak road.

Altitude at which it is built is 760 m. Height of its chimney is 250 m, so that its outlet exceeds 1000 m above sea level.

Thermal Power Plant is supplied with cooling water from the accumulation of "Otilovici", which has 18 million m³. It is situated on the river Cehotina, and is about 8 km from the power plant with which it is connected by asphalt road. The dam has a concrete-arch and the height of 59 m.

In 2018 1443.8 GWh of electricity were produced.

In 2009 and 2010 important projects were carried out related to environmental and technological stabilization of objects:

  • Replacement of electro filter system;
  • Replacement of control systems and management;
  • Replacement of divorce 6 and 0.4 kV auxiliary consumption;
  • Replacement of generator excitation system and the installation of the generator switch.

It is important to point out activities that contributed to better operation of the unit during recent years. According to this, chemical water treatment is performed with chemicals manufactured by renowned world manufacturers with full process automation, large part of the boiler pipeline system is replaced, primarily super heaters. Also, insulation of the boiler plant is completely replaced, deslagger system below the boiler is reconstructed and numerous technological changes were performed in addition to reconstruction of the cooling system of turbo-unit, in order to increase unit’s efficiency. CWT plant was also modernized, including complete replacement of demineralization lines. Discharge manholes were also replaced with certain level of reconstruction on the boiler, including pertaining air channels; significant interventions on the boiler achieved much better sealing of the gas-air duct.  On-line oil analyser was put into function on the line of oil receipt, and all preparations for application of new standards for calculation of coal quality were made, in line with all the applicable EU standards.

For the power system of Montenegro, whose stable work significantly depends on TPP “Pljevlja”, it represents the base power plant which has the greatest significance in covering constant load diagram.

After reconstruction of the turbines in 2009, newly installed power of TEP is 225 MW.