19100  - Customer contact centre (08-16h)*

*this number is free of charge!


racun@epcg.com - this is an address on which, if you wish to receive your monthly bill via e-mail, you should send a copy of your previous bill and an e-mail address on which you want to receive your bill.

pr@epcg.com - if you are a journalist or you wish to file a request for sponsorship or socially responsible activity or you want to forward an invitation on corporate level this is an address for you.

hr.referent@epcg.com and hr.office@epcg.com – addresses on which you can send your CV. 

slobodanpristupinformacijama@epcg.com - an address on which you can send request for free access to information, according to the Article 17 of the Law on Free Access to Information. Your request has to be scanned and signed, and filled in line with the Guide. The guide to access information held by  EPCG can be downloaded here.


Company HQ address:

Montenegrin Electric Enterprise

street Vuka Karadzica no. 2;

81400 Niksic;


Other information

PIB: 02002230;

PDV: 20/31-00112-1


List of bank accounts by supply units

Supply unit Bank Bank account Category of consumption Billing code
BAR NLB Montenegrobanka 530-2742-32 Households 7
Other consumption 1
BIJELO POLJE NLB Montenegrobanka 530-12052-38 Households 8
Other consumption 2
BUDVA Prva banka CG 535-3016-52 Households 9
Other consumption 3
ŽABLJAK NLB Montenegrobanka 530-12053-35 Households 10
Other consumption 4
BERANE NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16705-47 Households 11
Other consumption 5
KOLAŠIN NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16749-12 Households 12
Other consumption 6
KOTOR Prva banka CG 535-5367-80 Households 13
Other consumption 7
MOJKOVAC NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16751-06 Households 14
Other consumption 8
NIKŠIĆ Prva banka CG 535-1631-36 Households 15
Other consumption 9
PLJEVLJA NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16707-41 Households 16
Other consumption 10
ROŽAJE NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16750-09 Households 17
Other consumption 11
TIVAT NLB Montenegrobanka 530-16706-44 Households 18
Other consumption 12
PODGORICA Prva banka CG 535-1629-42 Households 19
Other consumption 13
ULCINJ Prva banka CG 535-3018-46 Households 20
Other consumption 14
H.NOVI Hipotekarna banka 520-4305-61 Households 21
Other consumption 15
CETINJE NLB Montenegrobanka 530-6552-48 Households 22
Other consumption 16