Friday, Maj 12, 2017 - 14:56

HE ''Perućica obilježava 57 godina rada

HE "Perućica" 12. maja obilježava 57 godina postojanja i rada. Najstarija velika hidroelektrana u Crnoj Gori  za 57 godina rada proizvela je 43 odsto od ukupnih  114 TWh (teravat časova) električne energije koje su proizvele sve crnogorske elektrane. Tokom 2016. godine, ova hidroelektrana proizvela je 939 GWh (gigavat časova) električne energije, što predstavlja udio od 31,79 odsto  u ukupnoj proizvodnji električne energije u proizvodnim objektima EPCG.  Ostvarena proizvodnja je 2 odsto veća od plana predviđenog Bilansom za 2016. godinu. U poređenju sa 2015. godinom, proizvodnja u 2016. godini je veća 20 odsto.

The past year was characterised with very good hydrology over the course of the first six months, when the majority of generation actually took place, while the second half of the year brought extreme drought, especially October and December when precipitation was below the expectations resulting in Zeta River inflows being at the level usual for the summer period. Despite poor hydrology and thanks to exceptional endeavours of all the employees in HPP Perućica, good results were achieved while the plant’s reliability and operability was not jeopardised. Employees of HPP Perućica give immeasurable contribution to a successful functioning of the system through their responsible and extremely professional relation towards work, thus enabling this plant to achieve excellent generation results even after more than half of a century long operation.

HPP Perućica generated over 49 006 GWh of electricity i.e. 860 GWh annually (the average generation of HPP Perućica operating with seven units amounted to 932 GWh) since its commencement date. 2010 was a record year, when 1 435 GWh was generated and distributed into the energetic system. High level of operational readiness and reliability of plant HPP Perućica achieves due to well-planned and implemented current and investment maintenance as well as the significant investments. In the forthcoming period, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore will be focused on investments in reconstruction, modernization and increase in capacities of generating facilities it possesses.

The oldest big hydro power plant in Montenegro delivered the first electricity quantities in 1960. This HPP was named per fount Perućica which springs in its mere vicinity.  HPP Perućica, with the installed capacity of 307 MW , consists of reservoirs “Krupac”, “Slano” and retention “Vrtac”, and a part of HPP Perućica system makes also five small HPPs at the territory of Podgorica, Kolašin, Cetinje and Šavnik with average annual generation of approximately 6 million kWh (kilo Wat hours) of electricity. As regards electricity generation of HPP Perućica, water pertinent to the catchment area of the Gornja Zeta River, i.e. water flowing into the Field of Nikšić with a favourable head at the short distance between the Field of Nikšić and the Valley of Bjelopavlići, is used.