Smaller and larger tariff

The price of electricity is not the same throughout the day. Different rates are known as cheap and expensive electricity - tariffs, the accounts which you may recognize as lower tariffs (MT) and higher rates (VT).

This means that during the day there are time intervals in which the power is calculated at different costs. Intervals and their length have changed 01.11.2006. year. Changes will be made by making the switch to the new watches adjust intervals, and then sealed. The decision to change was made pursuant to Article 28 Regulations on Electricity Tariffs and Article 126 Distribution Code. Functional Unit Distribution is responsible to inform consumers and make changes.

By applying the new tariff interval inexpensive power - the tariffs are calculated in the afternoon between 13-16h was revoked and he was just a night interval.

This means that the interval of expensive electricity 07-23h when using Daylight Saving time, or interval of 08-24h when using Summer Time. It remains to intervals with electricity Subtle 23-07am on the day following the winter and 24-08h after the summer saving time.

At lower tariff rates charged to electricity delivered and Sunday from 00-24h, ie. throughout the day.