Energy classes

Electricity saving is needed to such an extent that the European Union has passed a law, whereby prescribing that all new electrical appliances and household appliances, including refrigerators, washing and drying machines, TA ovens, air conditioners, etc., ought to have label of energy class indicating average electricity consumption required for operation of these appliances. Energy classes are marked with letters from ‘A’ to ‘G’, label ‘A’ is the shortest indicator (green arrow) for the most energy efficient appliances. Energy class ‘G’ is marked with the longest arrow denoting appliances of highest electricity consumption.

Energetski razredi

Great attention is paid to the consumption of electrical devices: computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, copy machines, modems, etc.

Only those of the highest quality are labelled ’Energy star’ (ENERGY STAR). The appliances labelled in such a way can consume even 10 times less electricity than the similar appliances without such label. For example, instead of 400 kWh (inefficient), computer and printer can jointly consume only 40 kWh, provided that they are labelled ‘Energy star’ (efficient). Please, keep in mind that some appliances consume electricity even at ‘stand by’ mode. They often consume even up to 40% of electricity consumed during operation! The appliances labelled with ‘Energy star’ are not necessarily expensive. The price depends on many factors.